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What Is An Instant Approval Personal Loan?

by Financier on Monday, March 21, 2011

If you have been looking at the websites of credit companies, such as those payday loan companies or direct cash advance lenders, you'll no doubt have come across sentences like " apply for instant decision loans with quick approval". For the initiated, an instant approval loan is exactly what it sounds like according to the cash lending companies that offer them: a personal loan which you can apply to and get approved instantly.

However, if you are thinking an instant approval loan online equates to getting cash instantly to your account, it should be pointed out that there is a distinction between getting approved, and having the cash in your bank account.

A loan with instant approval simply suggest that the time taken to process a personal loan can be made on the spot, giving you the outcome of your loan application at an instant. Whether you can get your hands on the money quickly is altogether another matter as it hinges on several factors. As an example, most direct lenders will require you to have a valid checking account with the ability to facilitate direct deposit. Without that, lenders will not be able to transfer the cash electronically to your account and you may need to arrange alternative ways to receive the money, such as asking them to post you a check or you have to visit them personally to collect the cash. There is also the turnaround time taken by the banks to transfer the funds. If you submit the application on a non-business day, inevitably there will be delays.
With the advent of the Internet, you can apply for a loan online instead of going it the traditional way of walking into a finance company or banks to apply for one.

The easy manner in which a borrower can submit an application for a 500 pounds cash loan directly from the websites of loan lenders is not lost on consumers. We are seeing an increasing number of financial institutions and even high street banks revising their loan lending policy to offer these instant approval loans.

By making it easy for consumers to take out a personal loan online, it follows that consumer debt will also rise due to the demand. If you need money today, and plan to borrow cash by applying for loans with instant approval, I'll advise you to do some due diligence first before rushing into it. Many people end up worse financially because it is so easy to apply and they fail to take into account their ability to repay these online loans.

The next time you see a website which offers loans with instant decision, remember that a loan is not free money and do avoid the temptation to borrow fast cash.

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