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3 Month Installment Loans

by Financier on Friday, June 10, 2011

For those who are always spending more than they earn, even the smallest emergency can be distressing if you do not have the money to deal with these unexpected matters. Although there are instant payday loans around, unsecured loans that you can apply with bad credit and pay it back on your payday, these are short term financing which is good for 14 days or 30 days at best. Even with you allow for extended payback payday loans, you'll find that interest will be extremely high, and not the most cost-effective way to borrow money for 90 days with no credit check. If you would like to get a fast cash loan with bad credit, consider why a 3 month installment loan is a better choice.

There are many installment loan companies that deal with bad credit loans that are available for more than 100 days. I think most people will be prepared to visit their bank to get a quick personal loan for 3 months but more often than not, you will require a clean credit record in order for banks to approve your application for a 3 months installment loan with fixed low interest. For borrowers with bad credit, they have less options but getting a 3 month short term loan with installments is still possible.

Some of these installment loans lenders for bad credit will be able to offer no credit check terms and unless you are in bankruptcy, most monthly loan lenders will not look at your bad credit history and decide that you do not meet their lending guidelines. In the way of collateral, it's a question of how much you need and whether they are ready to give you a fast unsecured loan without collateral security. For small personal loans of 1000 dollars and maybe up to $3000, usually collateral is not required as long you are able to provide verifiable income. Which is to say, if you are going to borrow 3000 dollars without a job, that would be naive-thinking.

Therefore, to apply for a 3 month installment loan with guaranteed approval, your income will be the most important factor between approval or rejection. For unsecured loans with bad credit and no collateral, high risk loan lenders can only rely on your earning proof to determine if you have the financial ability to service a monthly repayment loan with no credit check. It is easy to think that because they do not matter whether you have poor credit, getting a 1000 dollar installment loan on minimum wage is possible. If there are low income payday loans with installments, one can only imagine that these people will probably be charged sky-high interest rates on what is probably a very short term loan for one year at the most.

Weigh your options carefully as putting yourself in debt is not something trivial and if you don't feel confident about your own ability in repaying the 3 month loan in installments, try to find someone who can lend you money with no interest instead, such as a friend, colleague or family member.

Best Online Faxless Payday Lenders

by Financier on Thursday, June 9, 2011

As more and more people are turning to non-banks loans for their credit needs, there is also an increased presence of cash advance companies like new payday lenders entering the market to fill the demand. With so many money loans companies that provide these small short term cash loans, as well as those loan brokers who help to match borrowers with a lender, it can be overwhelming to people who need a quick loan till payday but have never apply one before. In this article, we look at some of the best online faxless payday lenders, how they work and whether it is possible to apply for a direct payday loan over the phone with no faxing.

Due to the advent of the Internet, applying for an online personal loan for short term use can be achieved easily. Technology advances allow Internet payday loan companies to reduce underwriting procedure by minimizing paperwork and that makes it possible to process a loan application entirely over the Internet. The result is the creation of paperless loans that are simply known to us as an online faxless payday cash advance with instant approval.

Ideally, the best online payday loan lenders with fax-free loans are those that are closely regulated, trusted by the Better Business Bureau, adopt best practices recommended by Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) and have the respective individual state licenses to operate online lending businesses.

As a consumer of non-bank payday loans, it is important to know what are your rights to protect yourself against unscrupulous lenders who make illegal payday loans with extremely high charges. By choosing to apply with the best online faxless loan lenders, you can avoid loan scams on the Internet and be assured that the rates you are offered are in line with online lending laws.

You can visit the website of Better Business Bureau to check against a particular online payday lenders with faxless personal loans and find BBB trusted direct lending companies, or see a list of payday lenders with extended payment plan that are members of CFSA.

Do take it with a pinch of salt when you see a fairly reputable payday loan website that offers overnight cash loans with no faxing. Not even the best faxless payday lenders online may be forthcoming about the fact that certain states like Washington, California or Nevada have their own lending laws which prevent small cash lenders from giving paperless loans with no income documentation. Which means that completely faxless payday loans are not possible with these U.S states.

One of the best payday loan lenders, in terms of the abundance of information openly found on the website is Every terms and conditions are carefully explained and they also provide a service where you can apply for a payday loan over the phone directly. While I am not suggesting that you should now rush in to get a short term loan with no faxing needed from them, they do provide a lot of information regarding the use of an online cash advance and the different requirements for different signature loan products.

Lastly, always do your own research first before taking an emergency signature loan online. It never hurts to give yourself more options in looking for the best payday loans with no fax needed.


  • - Search for BBB-accredited loan lenders
  • CFSA - List of CFSA members( For Year 2011)  that adopt best practices
  • Loanbyphone - Subsidiary of Checkintocash that provides faxless short term loans

How To Borrow Money Without A Job

by Financier on Wednesday, June 8, 2011

People who are unemployed with dwindling savings may want to know how to borrow money without a job. As the cost of living makes it difficult for anyone to be out of work for too long, being informed about the different options in getting cash when you are not earning any stable income will prepare you for any unforeseen circumstances where you may need to get a personal loan on unemployment.

Bad credit or good credit; regardless of which, being unemployed puts a dent in your creditability and may hamper your chance at securing an easy installment payment loan from your bank. The reasoning is simple. If you are not working, you are not generating income for yourself and signature bank loan lenders will need some convincing that you can afford to get an unemployment personal bank loan for one year without having difficulties in making the repayments. Without resorting to low interest bank loans which are probably unattainable when you have bad credit and no job, there is another method for borrowing money without having a job: a secured pawn loan for people with bad credit. Traditionally, pawn loans are secured small personal loans, not payday loans, that people turn to when they wish to trade their personal belongings for cash. Pawn shops owners will extend a personal loan based on the value of the item that you want to exchange for money and on maturity date, you simple decide whether to pay off the loan and get back your things or you can relinquish ownership of the said items to the pawn shop without the need to settle the loan debt.

There are several advantages with using a secured pawn loan. Firstly, these are small collateral bad credit loans so you can apply easily even if you have a very poor credit history. There is also no credit risk in the sense that any non-payment will not be reported to credit agencies. Secondly, and perhaps most important to people who need to borrow money without a job, pawn loan lenders do not bother whether you are unemployed or a stay-at-home mum with no income. As you are using items you already own to get money, they become your collateral security and lenders are more than happy to give you a secured loan for the unemployed.

Thirdly, a pawn shop personal loan for bad credit can be negotiated for longer repayment terms. Most Internet pawn shops will be able to give a secured monthly installment loans for 3 months, up to a maximum of 6 months. Compared this to a 1 month loan until your payday from online cash advance companies, it is unlikely that you are able to borrow money for half a year when you are without a job using a fast approved payday loan with short repayment terms. Even with an instant unemployment loan on benefits, you would probably only be allowed to borrow 2000 dollars against your unemployment check.

With a title pawn loan with installments, the maximum amount of money you can get with no income can be as high as $100,000, although the size of your loan will depend on the value of your collateral.  That said, you need not use your car or a home to get a title loan. Online pawn loan companies like Pawngo will be able to arrange a small cash loan if you have any valued items like pendant, ring or necklaces. Even high-end consumer goods like cameras or PCs could be used as collateral to get a personal loan with no job. If you need to borrow money fast but have no job, consider the options available for you through a secured cash advance by some of these bigger players in the industry -, or

As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to find a private direct loan lender who can give loans for the jobless without having his credit reports scrutinized or by placing a collateral. Some payday loan lenders do give short term unemployment loans for bad credit but usually proof of alternate income is required and if you have yet to collect government benefits, the easiest and best way to get money without a job is to put your valuables with a pawn shop lender in exchange for straight cash.

    Short Term Unemployment Loans With No Credit Check

    by Financier on Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    It is not a pleasant feeling for sure when you are unemployed and bogged with financial worries. If you are between jobs, your pride takes a beating when you are unable to cope and need help with money. Instead of asking from friends or your family members, you can consider a short term unemployment loan with no credit check. They are available for people who are jobless and have bad credit, and find it almost impossible to get a loan anywhere else.

    Unemployed short term loans are increasing popular as people are made more aware of their existence, where they can get a no-job loan despite having no stable income. From getting a short term emergency cash advance to tide you out, or to use them as emergency cash for unexpected expenses, these unemployment cash loans are valued as they bring relief for many people who need cash urgently.

    You can apply for a short term unemployed personal loan from non-bank loan lenders and there are several online companies that provide these emergency loans for people who have no jobs. The process is simple, with no tedious paper trails or drawn out processing time and a decision on your application can be made almost instantly, with approvals granted within minutes.

    Short term loan companies do not check your credit history so even if you have a very low credit score, it will not disqualify you from getting approved for an instant cash advance. Some lenders may require a guarantor if you are asking for a personal loan that is above 2500 dollars, but even if that is the case, you would likely be paying cheap interest rates when you have a co-signer.

    Repayment terms vary from lender to lender as well. Most unemployment loan companies will cap a limit of 90 days in an unsecured loan for people without jobs but if you are lucky, you may come across lenders that are more receptive to giving you a monthly installment unemployed loan for 6 months. Therefore, finding the right long term personal lender that meets your requirement is important. Interest rates aside, it is good to pick one with a flexible repayment term.

    To sum up, if you are going to borrow money for covering expenses while looking for a new job, a short term unemployment loan can assist you with your financial needs. Just remember to use them for emergency cash and not for frivolous purchases.

    Get 1000 Dollar Loan With No Credit Check

    by Financier on Monday, June 6, 2011

    Small personal cash advances like payday loans are a convenient way to have cash quickly when you need to get a 1000 dollar loan with no credit check. These temporary unsecured instant cash loans can be approved almost immediately, with the ability to let you have get the the funds through your bank account on the same day. They are especially useful to people who either do not have any credit history or they have very bad credit records as payday loan lenders do not run credit checks.

    By providing your personal information - name, address, employment and salary, applying for a $1000 payday loan with bad credit is a straightforward process, without the need for you to fax in documents to get a small personal loan. There is no collateral needed for unsecured personal loans under 10K and guaranteed cash is available if you are able to meet the criteria. As payday loans are a form of income-based cash advance, where you can take a advance on your salary till payday, anyone with a job can qualify for these, even if you are a student with no credit history. That said, you need to be at least 18 years old to get pre-approval and this will answer the question that i get asked often; "can you borrow 1000 dollars with no credit?"

    Guaranteed payday personal loans for 1000 dollars are for a very short period, which means that repayment terms are usually good for 30 days, and some for lesser, with a 2 weeks payback date. If you need to borrow 1000 dollar with no credit, it is important that you are able to repay the full cost of the 1000 dollar loan in 30 days. Because otherwise, you will have to pay late charges which even by the standards of high interest payday loans, that can be rather expensive.

    This begs the question: " How much interest do I have to pay if I want to borrow 1000 dollars with an online payday loan?" Small payday loans with a short term payback tend to have a high APR that can be many times higher than an average fixed interest personal loan from your neighborhood bank. However, because of the shorter repayment period, supporters for payday loan lenders decry that using APR to gauge the cost of a short term online cash advance is not the most accurate. Anyhow, for a personal payday loan of 1000 dollars, the interest, or finance charge as they call it, is usually about 200 to 250 dollars.

    To get a fast cash loan with bad credit, you can either find online payday loan lenders with direct deposit or visit a physical payday loan store in your city. Please note that different states have different legislation on non-bank personal loans. For example, unsecured or secured payday loans are illegal in New York while in other states, they may have a cap on the size of the short term private loans. In Utah, it is possible to get a 100% approval payday installment loan for 1500 dollars whereas the maximum loan amount for California residents is just $250.

    If it sounds confusing, it is not. A quick way is to use the Internet for getting more information on direct loan lenders with guaranteed cash serving your area. Alternatively, if you have yellow pages, you can check the listings as well. Go through a comparison of cheap payday loans with a low finance charge and hopefully you'll get a 1000 dollar cash loan with no credit check online today.

    500 Dollar Loan No Credit Check Lenders

    by Financier

    500 Dollar Loan Lenders

    If you are looking for a 500 dollar loan today, do you know where is the best place to borrow money online? Or for that matter, who are the lenders that provide online personal loans with no credit check? There are so many different types of loan products in the market and everyone of them serves a unique purpose. When you need some money for an emergency, there is a quick solution and the answer lies in using instant approval loans for 500 dollars.

    I Need A Fast Approval Loan Now

    These fast approval loans for available from online loan lenders and you can get one anytime on the Internet just by submitting a simple application form. Basically there is no need to have collateral, nor does it require you to have a cosigner to qualify for these no credit check 500 dollar loans. The general requirements for a 30 day 500 dollars loan are as follow:

    1) You need to be an US citizen and passed the age of 18.
    2) You have to provide verifiable income to qualify for a 1000 dollar cash advance.
    3) If you are not working, you may also be able to get a payday loan on benefits, or what others call an unemployment payday loan.
    4) Direct deposit is required for both of the above. Either your salary or benefit welfare is given to you directly to your bank account.
    5) As such, you are also required to have a bank checking or savings account.

    Where To Borrow 500 Dollars With No Credit Check

    These 500 dollar personal loans with no credit check will not require you to have excellent credit score. So, if you have bad credit and need to borrow 600 dollars online, you can submit your application without any worry.

    Normally, you can borrow up to one thousand dollar with no credit check. However, some lenders may prefer an applicant to build credit trust with them before they are cleared to borrow 1000 dollars with instant approval. But as long as you are able to meet those criteria stated earlier, you shouldn't have any problem in looking for a 500 loan from no credit check short term lenders.

    The repayment term for these types of unsecured bad credit loans are about 30 days or slightly not more than 60 days. If you need anything more than 3500 dollars, or wish to get a guaranteed loan that you can pay back monthly, you should consider online installment loans with no credit check instead. Bad credit installment lenders are able to give you a long term money loan but you may have to provide collateral though.

    Guaranteed lenders that provide 500 dollar loans do not offer any monthly installment loans. You are expected to pay back when you get your salary. To avoid incurring late penalty fee, do remember to keep sufficient funds in your bank account so that your lenders can make a debit transaction smoothly.

    Small Installment Loans Under $1000 With No Credit Check

    by Financier on Saturday, June 4, 2011

    If there is an urgent matter that requires you to spend some money but you do not have enough in your savings, where are your options for getting a personal loan if you have bad credit? Supposedly you need to come up with $2000 and you only have about a thousand dollars left in your bank account. Although you are earning $1400 monthly, it is not feasible to get a $1500 payday loan for 30 days as you still need to pay for your mortgage which already takes up 35% of your monthly income. Would you be able to find someone who can give you a small personal loan that you can pay back monthly? Your answer: Small installment loans under $1000 with no credit check.

    For small installment loans up to $1000, you can apply for a no hassle payday installment loan. The typical loan term is roughly around 8 weeks up to 120 days, although in certain states, extensions for monthly installment loans are permitted as well. These are no questions asked loans, so to speak, as lenders for small loans do not question the use of the fund and you are free to spend or use it in anyway you deem fit.

    Applications for instant online installment loans with no credit check are fairly straightforward. There is minimal underwriting requirements to be done and the forms can be completed online in 2 to 3 easy steps, usually asking you for basic information such as your stated employment, residential address, bank account details and so on and so forth. If your application form is in order and you are able to meet the lenders' criteria for an unsecured 1000 dollar installment cash advance, usually your request will be approved within an hour.

    If collateral is involved, the appraisal for large installment loans above 5000 dollars may take some time. Understandably, cash advance lenders are less willing to provide easy unsecured loans if you need to borrow large sum of money with bad credit. Private loan lenders are usually small-scale operations without the financial muscle of high street banks and their existence is a result from the reluctance of traditional banks in providing mainstream credit to borrowers who have bad credit and need a small cash loan.

    It is probably also this reason that private direct loan companies can justify their expensive rates. Unlike a low interest unsecured personal loan from banks, these small monthly installment loans with no credit check are usually a lot more expensive if you compare the APR or annual percentage rate. Do not take up a monthly payment cash advance by these online installment loan lenders if you feel that you cannot make the repayments comfortably with your income. Because you are paying back on a monthly basis, you should work out how much how you can afford to set aside to do the payments.

    Use a loan calculator to check the interest rate quoted to you to see if it is affordable to you. If the monthly repayment is too high, but you can accept paying interest over a longer period, try to negotiate for a long term installment cash with no credit check instead. But remember, the longer you take to repay a unsecured loan with extended pay back terms, the higher the overall cost for a small online installment loan will be.

    Emergency Cash Advance With Savings Account Only

    by Financier

    "I need financial help fast. Where can I get an emergency cash advance with savings account only?" Sounds familiar to you? Many of us do not own a checking account as for the most part, a bank savings account is sufficient to meet our banking needs. But when you need a short term loan that you can borrow money with no credit check, say, a temporary loan till payday, which is commonly available from online payday companies, having a bank checking account is often a prerequisite.

    Traditionally, borrowers with bad credit rely on payday loans for short term financial needs. When they walk into a payday lending store to apply for them, they will be required to write a post-dated check to the loan lenders in the full amount of the loan plus fees. Unless otherwise arranged, the lenders will redeem the check on maturity date and it is why a checking account is often required if you need to apply for emergency cash that you can pay back on your next payday.

    However if you need to get an easy loan without a checking account, more recently, there are short term loans that you can apply with a savings account. Many online payday loan shops offer them as savings account payday loans with no credit check. Not a lot of difference compared to other direct payday loans with no faxing online, these online cash advance that you can apply with a savings account enables those who do not have a bank check account to get a loan with guaranteed approval.

    Requirements For Emergency Payday Loans With A Savings Account Only

    You should have a bank savings account in good standing. Direct lenders that make personal loans with savings account may require that your salary is paid through direct deposit. As part of the agreement, the usual way for lenders to secure a 31 day payday loan without writing a check is to receive the payment by debiting directly from your bank account on maturity date. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have a savings account with direct deposit facilities as well.

    Other than that, you may have to demonstrate that you are employed for at least 6 months in your current workplace and with a salary proportionate to the amount of money you need to borrow. Think of it as a credit line where you can only borrow not more than 2 times your monthly salary. Emergency loan lenders with savings accounts personal loans may have a minimum salary requirement of $800-$1000 but from what we've have witnessed, it is the lenders' discretion to approve loans with a savings account for people with low income.

    Installment Loan Companies With Immediate Approval

    by Financier on Thursday, June 2, 2011

    You need a fast personal loan with immediate approval, but every time you see an online payday loan advertisement, they only allow you a 30 day loan and you know you are not likely able to repay it within 1 month. Sure, they do allow extended paybacks on these same day approval payday loans, but each loan extension for another 30 days will cost you extra. In cases like this, you should understand that 30 day payday loans with extended payback are not for you if you need a long term solution to your credit needs. What is probably a better option for long term cash is to use a long term personal loan with installments and for that, you could do with the services of online installment loan companies with immediate approval.

    These online installment loans with immediate approval work on the same principal as instant faxless payday loans. You go to the websites of installment loan companies and submit an application for a paperless personal loan with no credit check and within minutes, you can get an answer if your unsecured loan with installments is approved or not. A quick search on the Internet will bring up several of these installment loan companies with immediate approval but because there are just so many of these, it is difficult for someone who has never used a short term payday loan with no doc needed to know which loan lending company is legit or not.

    My advise is to always stick to legitimate loan companies that are accredited by BBB or Better Business Bureau and large reputable loan lenders with a large presence in US. For example, you could try out the services of payday loan websites like ChecknGo, AdvanceAmerica or AlliedCash. These 3 are amongst the biggest payday loan lenders with online installment loans.

    However, do note that not all states in the US are offered monthly installment loans with immediate approval. For Checkngo, residents of Missouri, South Dakota, Idaho, Alabama, Delaware, Wisconsin, California and Utah are not able to apply for online installment loans through the website. Whereas in the case of AlliedCash, payday installment loans for $2500 are usually only offered exclusively for theirs customers that are in good standing with them.

    As you can see, not all installment loan companies offer the same type of online personal cash advance with installments and there are other factors which may prevent you from getting a low cost payday installment loan. As always , it is good practice to browse the websites of online loan lenders with instant approval to compare the rates and availability of these long term cash loans with bad credit so that you can find the best loan company that can give you a low cost installment loan instantly.