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Get 1000 Dollar Loan With No Credit Check

by Financier on Monday, June 6, 2011

Small personal cash advances like payday loans are a convenient way to have cash quickly when you need to get a 1000 dollar loan with no credit check. These temporary unsecured instant cash loans can be approved almost immediately, with the ability to let you have get the the funds through your bank account on the same day. They are especially useful to people who either do not have any credit history or they have very bad credit records as payday loan lenders do not run credit checks.

By providing your personal information - name, address, employment and salary, applying for a $1000 payday loan with bad credit is a straightforward process, without the need for you to fax in documents to get a small personal loan. There is no collateral needed for unsecured personal loans under 10K and guaranteed cash is available if you are able to meet the criteria. As payday loans are a form of income-based cash advance, where you can take a advance on your salary till payday, anyone with a job can qualify for these, even if you are a student with no credit history. That said, you need to be at least 18 years old to get pre-approval and this will answer the question that i get asked often; "can you borrow 1000 dollars with no credit?"

Guaranteed payday personal loans for 1000 dollars are for a very short period, which means that repayment terms are usually good for 30 days, and some for lesser, with a 2 weeks payback date. If you need to borrow 1000 dollar with no credit, it is important that you are able to repay the full cost of the 1000 dollar loan in 30 days. Because otherwise, you will have to pay late charges which even by the standards of high interest payday loans, that can be rather expensive.

This begs the question: " How much interest do I have to pay if I want to borrow 1000 dollars with an online payday loan?" Small payday loans with a short term payback tend to have a high APR that can be many times higher than an average fixed interest personal loan from your neighborhood bank. However, because of the shorter repayment period, supporters for payday loan lenders decry that using APR to gauge the cost of a short term online cash advance is not the most accurate. Anyhow, for a personal payday loan of 1000 dollars, the interest, or finance charge as they call it, is usually about 200 to 250 dollars.

To get a fast cash loan with bad credit, you can either find online payday loan lenders with direct deposit or visit a physical payday loan store in your city. Please note that different states have different legislation on non-bank personal loans. For example, unsecured or secured payday loans are illegal in New York while in other states, they may have a cap on the size of the short term private loans. In Utah, it is possible to get a 100% approval payday installment loan for 1500 dollars whereas the maximum loan amount for California residents is just $250.

If it sounds confusing, it is not. A quick way is to use the Internet for getting more information on direct loan lenders with guaranteed cash serving your area. Alternatively, if you have yellow pages, you can check the listings as well. Go through a comparison of cheap payday loans with a low finance charge and hopefully you'll get a 1000 dollar cash loan with no credit check online today.

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