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90 day Installment Loans With Bad Credit

by Financier on Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you have bad credit but find yourself unable to apply successfully for personal loans with low fee from the banks? If your FICO score is low, you may want to consider 90 day installment loans. This is because such private loans do not require you to have good credit history and they are even available to people with no credit history and need to borrow money with no co-signer needed.

3 month loans for bad credit are generally offered by direct lenders on the Internet and some of them may be from online payday companies with short term loans. Generally, if you need to borrow 1500 dollars with low credit score for 90 days, you will not be required by the lenders to offer collateral. Short term personal loans not longer than 3 months and below the amount of 2000 dollars can be approved without guarantors needed.

Despite the low barrier to qualify for these high risk installment loans, there are several factors that installment loan lending companies look for in applicants to ascertain their ability to service these unsecured personal loans with installments.

Without a doubt, you will need to provide employment status and most long term loan lenders will require a borrower to earn a minimum amount of salary per month. Depending on the amount of money you wish to borrow, your application for a bad credit 90 day installment loan will very much be approved or rejected based on your earning ability. As an example, if you are on low income and need to borrow 3000 dollars today, you would not stand as much of a chance as compared to someone who earns 1500 dollars and is looking to get a 90 day loan for 1000 dollars. Of course, at times a lender will lend money to people with low income by charging higher interest with stricter terms and whether anyone will be able to get a fast approval for installment loans with bad credit depends on which financial institution they approach.

Therefore make use of the Internet to find online installment loans for 90 days with easy approval. Remember that 90 day loan with monthly installments will invariably be more expensive than a 1 month short loan so bear in mind the amount of interest you will need to fork out over the length of the loan period.

Lenders want to look for someone who is a serious borrower and are fully capable of returning the cash at the end of the contract so try to think of a repayment plan and work out the amount of money you need versus the availability of disposable cash you have for making the repayments.

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