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Guaranteed Personal Loans With Bad Credit

by Financier on Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Loans With Guaranteed Approval

Do you have bad credit and you are trying to look for guaranteed personal loans? If you are checking out what's available on the market,you would have noticed that personal loans often fall into two categories. One is the low interest personal loans offered by banks and other high-street financial institutions and the other type is bad credit loans that tend to come with poorer terms and higher fees.

5000 Dollar Bad Credit Loan

Needless to say, if your credit score is high, you would have no problem in getting competitive rates on personal loans. However, if your credit score is less than OK, or falls below 550, your options become severely limited when it comes to choosing a guaranteed personal loan with bad credit. First of all, banks do not offer any types of unsecured installment loans for people with bad credit. If you need a 5000 dollar bad credit loan today, you have to look beyond them and look for non-bank private loan lenders.

Secured Installment Loans With Bad Credit

Pawn shops can be a source for people with bad credit to get a loan. Collateral is required but you can use your valuable items in exchange for money from a pawn loan lender. There are fees when you apply for a secured pawn loan but the risk is that your items can be sold off if you fail to repay or renew the loan. The size of the loan will depend on how much cash the pawn lenders will be able to resell your items for. Goods like branded watches, jewellery or high end mobile phones are commonly sought after and you can easily get a low cost personal loan guaranteed ranging between 500 dollars to a few thousands.

Borrow 500 Dollar Cash By Tomorrow

If you don't need large personal loans for more than 5000 dollars, but just want a quick and easy loan to help you bridge the gap between paychecks, you can actually find short term loans with fast approval from online payday loan websites. These online lenders offers guaranteed payday loans starting from as little as 100 dollars, up to a maximum amount of 1500 dollars. Also called a salary advance loan, this type of loan allows you to borrow ahead of your next payday and pay it back only when you have receive your monthly salary. If you need an emergency 500 dollar cash by today or tomorrow, such loans can be very useful for short term financing needs when you want a small cash advance fast but do not want to go to the bank to borrow.

You just have to beware of predatory lending as some of these faxless payday loans come with exceptionally expensive rates, and repayment terms that put the consumers on the receiving end, leading them with little or no money after repaying the entire loan. If you have bad credit, you have to make a concerted effort to restore it and the simplest way is to pay your bills promptly. Know what are your financial limits with regards to getting loans with bad credit and avoid taking out more than you can really afford. 

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